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If you choose the correct variety of lavender and follow our indoors lavender plant care, giving the plant all it needs, there is no reason why you should not be able to grow some of your own. Not only will you get the joy of growing the plant, but your friends and neighbors will also love coming by just for the aromatic experience. 15/10/2019 · Keeping your lavender plants indoors requires a little extra work, but it is well worth the effort. Step 1 - Find a Location. Indoor growing doesn't mean you can plant your pot down just anywhere in your home. When choosing a location for your lavender plant, you need to consider sunlight and air flow. Find a location with lots of natural sunlight. Temperature For Indoor Lavender Plants. When grown indoors lavender plants need slightly different temperatures at night than they do during the day, and they need cooler temps in the winter versus spring/summer/fall when they are actively growing. Lavender not only a pretty plant to decorate your home with it. It also smells great, has calming effects, it can really be used in many different ways. Lavender also has medicinal properties, like aloe vera. Follow these tips to help get the healthiest indoor lavender plant. Light: Its important to place lavender in the brightest light possible. Lavender’s beauty is only exceeded by its aroma. The combination of bright colors and beautiful aroma induces instant calmness and is a sight to behold! The Lavender is a North African, Mediterranian, North American and Indian plant. French lavender grows quite well indoors. They adapt better to indoor conditions compared to English lavender.

Do you want to grow lavender at home but don't know what care it needs? This aromatic plant is very easy to keep, and besides its intense and characteristic scent, it offers a host of properties you can benefit from. That is why in this OneHowTo article we explain in detail how to care for lavender plants so you can make your garden look beautiful. Lavender plants look gorgeous, smell heavenly, and thankfully, are very easy to maintain. Caring for a lavender plant requires minimum hard work, a fraction of your free time, and minuscule amount of expertise in plant care.

It is a native of the arid Mediterranean region. Lavender grows well in any environment, for this, it requires dry air, hot soil, and sunlight. Nature Bring is giving easy information about how to grow Lavender, Growing Lavender in pots, Re-pot your lavender plant, Lavender plant care, Problem with Lavender in this article. 15/12/2015 · If your winters are too cold or if you just want its fragrance closer to home, growing lavender in pots is a great idea. Click on this article to learn about potted lavender care and how to grow lavender. You can grow lavender fairly easily inside by following these instructions: > Begin by placing your plant in a sunny windowsill and do give it a drink regularly allowing the top inch or so of soil to dry out. Remember to rotate the pot every. Let us learn today about growing lavender plants in the home garden along with lavender plant care, harvesting procedure. Lavender which is scientifically called as Lavandula is a very good addition to any garden. Lavender is the one which has flowers which are beautiful and also has a wonderful aroma.

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